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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for nurturing and loving our children. On Maui we have a choice of what schools to have our child attend. It is one of the most dreaded, complicated, and important decisions a parent can make. We feel that as parents it was the best decision we have ever made for our kids.

Rhonda | Mother Of 2 Graduating DTCA Students

I have so many memories of Doris Todd Christian Academy, and I received an education that I am still grateful for. But what impacted my life more than anything else was having the privilege to witness the lives of the teachers that I interacted with every day, inside and outside of school. It was their influence on my life that showed me what it looked like to really love Jesus. Their example taught me to do the same, and the way they loved me each and every day made me want to be like them. They are the reason I loved my time at Doris Todd. 

Matthew | DTCA Graduate Currently Attending Moody Bible College

Dear DTCA, It's week 7 of my 11 weeks teaching phase of Discipleship Training School with YWAM here in Kona, and I'm loving every minute of it. The Lord's presence in my life is so great and so real. I wanted to thank the DTCA community for being such a huge blessing in my life and an encouragement in my faith. It's because of what God did through teachers at the school and through the church that I am doing missons work today. I also thank you for being a blessing in my family's life as well. In about a month I will be going to Nepal for two months to share the love of Jesus with the people of that nation. God bless you all.

Kali | DTCA Graduate Currently On Staff With YWAM Maui

The Presence of God is here - on the campus, in the teachers. This world is so scary and I want my boys to be here. I want the day to day, not just Sunday. For a kid to be able to not have homework, skip a grade, easier rules, and still choose to be at this school instead, that doesn't make sense. It's the Power of God.

Tiare | Mother of 3 Current DTCA Students

Thanks for all your time, care, and encouragement over the years at Doris Todd! It has helped to shape us into the people we are today with hearts for Jesus and serving others. I am so glad to hear you are still helping encourage the next generation of kids on Maui!

Val | DTCA Graduate

Thank you for providing excellent Christian education for our island. God bless you all as you strive to equip our young people to know Christ more dearly and serve Him with all their hearts.

Heidi | Parent Of DTCA Graduate

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