The Doris Todd Band sounds amazing!  Mr. Kuraya has taken a group of kids, most who have never played an instrument, and created a strong band that sounds so much older than it's age. 

Sixth graders have the opportunity to try several different instruments the first half of the year.  The student then finishes the year with one instrument.

Seventh and eighth graders are in the "performing band".  They have band class one period per day with occasional performances at school functions, at other elementary schools, Maui Mall, senior centers, ending the year with a trip to Oahu. Students also participate in  "Select Band" on Maui with students from middle schools around the island, and the Maui Music Festival.

Don't miss a chance to participate in Doris Todd's summer program - it's open to students from any school.  We offer a Summer Enrichment Program for students entering 5th - 8th grade consisting of beginning, intermediate, or advanced band, ukulele, art, and physical education.