Emergency Plan

Tsunami Warning

Doris Todd Christian Academy is not in the Tsunami Inundation Zone as defined by Civil Defense.  The school is 222+ feet above sea level.  However, a considerable portion of Hana Highway, one of the main roads to school, is in the Tsunami Inundation Zone.  If a warning is issued during the school day, parents are encouraged to arrange for their children to be picked up from school early.  

Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Flash Flood Warnings:

Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Flash Flood Watches are issued by the National Weather Service 36 hours prior to the arrival of storm effects.  Warnings are issued when one of these storms could affect the island in 24 hours or less.

DTCA will close in case of a Hurricane or Flash Flood WARNING.  Notification of closure will take place as soon as it becomes obvious that a hurricane will arrive.  If the situation becomes threatening during the evening or night, Notification of School Closure will be on our website, answering machine, TV stations, Pacific Radio Group: KPOA, KJMD, KJKS, KLHI, KMVI, and KNUI.   If the situation becomes threatening during the school day, parents may pick up their children before 2:15 p.m.   


Earthquakes occur without warning.  Should one of a significant magnitude occur on Maui during the school day, you may not be able to get to your children as quickly as you would like.  Please be assured that we will take care of them until you can safely pick them up.


In case of fire at DTCA, teachers shall use the posted escape routes and shall take with them their class record book.  When safely away from the building, teachers will take attendance to make sure all of the children are safely out of the building.  The teacher will then keep them together making sure they are at a safe distance from the fire and clear from any fire lanes that the fire department might need to use.