Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is made up of DTCA parents and teachers in a support group for the school. The officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) serve for one school year.

The goal of PTF is to help provide a well-rounded balance of support for the families and staff of DTCA. Parent participation in the education and activities sponsored by the PTF will enrich the years your children spend with DTCA. PTF is interested in helping families develop close ties with the school community. A PTF officer will contact parents during the school year and ask for help in various areas. Each DTCA family is asked to commit at least five (5) hours of volunteer help during the school year. 

PTF generally organizes one or two fundraisers a year. Funds have been used to provide new playground equipment, pay for teacher's expenses for the ACSI Teachers Convention in Honolulu each year, provide scholarship monies for DTCA students, and provide extra resource materials for the classrooms.