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Uniforms are mandatory for students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Uniforms must be purchased from the Dennis Uniform Company.  You may click on the link above to find Dennis Uniform online.  You will need to choose our school either by School Code, School Name, or City. 

Grades K - 5

School Code:  HI0110
School Name:  Doris Todd Christian Academy (Elementary)
City:  Paia

Grades 6-8

School Code:  HI0710
School Name:  Doris Todd Christian Academy (Middle School)
City:  Paia

Label Daddy

LabelDaddy.com is a website where you can order labels for your child's uniform.  The Doris Todd sweatshirt is the item most mixed up between the students.  Label Daddy, has stick on labels as well as ones that attach to zippers.  There is a 10% discount if you put "dennis" in the use code.  I'd urge you to check it out!  Link - www.labeldaddy.com.