Financial Aid

Doris Todd Christian Academy is pleased to offer Financial Aid for students entering grades K - 12.  Once a new student has been accepted, parents may apply for Financial Aid online.  To receive the link to the application site, please email our bookkeeper, Erin Fitt. Your application will be submitted to our Financial Aid Committee for consideration for aid. Letters will then be sent out to notify parents if they will be awarded financial aid or not.

Families of students who qualify and receive financial aid are required to volunteer a minimum of twenty (20) hours during the school year.  If you receive financial aid, you will need to complete the form below and return to school by the given dates to verify your volunteer hours. 

  • Aug - Oct Report Due By November 1st
  • Nov - Jan Report Due By February 1st
  • Feb - Mar Report Due By March 1st

You may also enter your hours in RenWeb. Please keep in mind that the Financial Aid Committee will consider your volunteer hours along with your application in March for future Tuition Assistance.

If you are unable to volunteer during a school day, here are a few suggestions for after school hours and weekends:

  • Sweep sidewalks
  • Clean windows
  • Pull weeds
  • Clean gutters

Preschool Open Doors and Puahi Keiki/Kipona Scholarships are gladly accepted.

Pauahi Keiki Scholarship

The Pauahi Keiki Scholars (PKS) program is a need-based scholarship program for eligible applicants who are planning to attend approved, non-Kamehameha Schools preschools in Hawaii. Applications are accepted by Kamehameha schools from August 15, 2022 to December 1, 2022.  To apply for this scholarship, visit:

Kipona Scholarship

The Kipona Scholarship (KS) is a need-based scholarship for eligible keiki who are applying to a KS-eligible private school in Hawai'i. Applications are accepted by Kamehameha from August 15, 2022-December 1, 2022 for returning/renewal students and August 15, 2022- December 1, 2022 for NEW 6th or 9th grade scholarship applicants. Students of Hawaiian ancestry applying to K, 4, 7, and 9 may apply for the Kipona Scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, visit: