The mission of DTCA is to provide a Christ-centered education that is biblically based and is committed to academic excellence, biblical morality, integrity, church involvement, and patriotism - all to the glory of God.


Doris Todd Christian Academy is committed to preparing students academically and spiritually to love God, to love others, to evangelize the lost, to be active church members, and to be good citizens of our country. Our motto is “Shaping Lives to Shape the Future.”

Core Values

Our core values are biblical truths that guide all areas of school life.  

  • Biblical Truth
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Community
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Character



The foundation for the philosophy of the school is the Word of God. Accepting its authority, authenticity, and reliability as God's means of revealing truth, the Bible is the center of every subject taught. Its truth is integrated into all areas of the curriculum, and every part of the curriculum is interpreted and applied from a Christ-centered, Biblical perspective.

There are two very basic and opposing views of life. The Humanistic viewpoint (which is man-centered) sees man as a product of this world, a result of evolutionary processes and human history. The Theistic viewpoint (which is God-centered) sees man as a special creation of God, and seeks to view every dimension of life as God sees it. The contrast in the two viewpoints is vividly portrayed in the concept of man. Humanism declares that man is basically good; the Bible declares that man is a sinner by nature.

The ultimate purpose of our school is to glorify God. It is our desire that each student in our school will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. And then, through the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit and study of God's Word, they will develop and nurture a Christ-like life so that whatever they do mentally, physically, spiritually, or socially will be governed and controlled by God's leading.