The teachers and staff profess faith and trust in Jesus Christ and demonstrate a conviction that God has called them to become involved in a Christian school ministry. Our elementary teachers possess a minimum of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited or recognized college and meet the credentialing standards required by school accreditation.

FACULTY – Doris Todd Christian Academy      


  • Moore, Carolyn – Head of School.  B.A., Harris Teachers College Moody Bible Institute; M.Ed., University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Fitt, Jimmy – Elementary Principal.  B.S. Southwestern College. M.Ed., Grand Canyon University
  • Carpenter, Leta – Vice Principal. B.S., Bob Jones University; M.A., Oakland University
  • Tupua, Alea – Preschool Director.  CDA


  • Anderson, Stephanie – Grade 3 Teacher.  B.S., Bradley University
  • Brennan, Noah – Teacher: Grade 6 English; Grades 6-8 Science; Grade 7 Bible.  B.S., Southwestern College
  • Brennan, Cate – Grade 4 Teacher. B.S., State University of New York College at Buffalo
  • Fitt, Faith- Teacher: Grades 7-8 English;  Grade 8 Bible, History. PhD., Arizona Christian University
  • Carpenter, Leta – Teacher:  Grades 7-8 English;  Grade 8 Bible, History, Worldview. Bob Jones University; M.A., Oakland University
  • Fontanilla, Karen – Grade 2 Teacher.  B.S., Grace College
  • McCready, Kelly – Kindergarten Teacher.  B.A., Oklahoma Baptist College
  • Bentley, Beckee – Grade 5 Teacher.  B.A., Messiah College
  • Saenz, Gladys – Teacher:  Grades 6-8 Math; Grade 6 Bible and History.  B.S., Santa Clara University
  • Urbach, Cynthia – Grade 1 Teacher.  B.A. Shasta Bible College, M.Ed., Shasta Bible College and Graduate School 


  • Fitt, Gary – Math and Science Teacher.  M.A. Northern Arizona University


  • Hashimoto, Tammi – Preschool Teacher.  B.A. Emmanuel College
  • Romero, Terri – Preschool Teacher.  A.S. University of Hawaii – Maui College
  • Tupua, Alea – Preschool Director/Teacher.  CDA


  • Campbell, Kathy – Kindergarten Aide; Afterschool Care Teacher
  • Carlson, Roxanne – Nurse.  L.P.N.
  • Criste, Amanda – Administrative Assistant / Admissions
  • Fitt, Erin – Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant.  B.S., Southwestern College
  • Kim, Elizabeth – Preschool Aide.  B.A. California State University-Long Beach
  • Nelson, Lynn – Librarian, Computer Class Teacher.  B.A., Columbia College
  • Kim, Elizabeth – Preschool Aide